The most useful tech in your house for the next generation is here. The Sky network of channels emerges with its very new features, easy functions and quick set up. Everyone wants the best in terms of the appliances used and why not opt for the best on your own TV. Sky TV has its own uniqueness, whole heap of shortcuts, features, slideshows, kids’ package, sports, movies, news and what not. You are paying for it; it’s time to start using it.

Know most of the fantastic features on your Sky TV;

Restart Your Favourite Movie

Got home late which made you miss the beginning of the movie? This version of the Sky has the demand catalogue which downloads the movie automatically and jumps back to the start immediately. You can actually restart the movie!!

Book Mark The Best Moment

You really like the scene of the movie and want to share it with your friends or family members, Sky does it best. One can easily record any bits of the movie and store which can be played anytime.


Re-Watch The Scene

The urge of you becoming desperate to re-watch the epic is fulfilled by Sky. A tap on the button will replay the scene for you at a selected pace, even in a slow motion.

Break And Continue From Where You Paused

The Sky planner helps you to get back to the same function on the remote even when you take a break from it. You don’t have to go through the entire menu and the sub menu which is really a time consuming act.

Quick Rewind

No rewind button on a TV remote can be faster as on the Sky TV remote. The movie rewinds at a speed of 30x max speed at one press. You don’t have to suffer and get annoyed with the lengthy rewind through.

Sky TV & Your Phone

Synchronise your smart phone to the Sky box and hunt for any shows that you want to watch away from your home. Select the option of record on the planner and watch it flawlessly when you are back at home.

Create Your Own Personal Library

It is a great way to separate the weed. Select the movies or recordings you want to watch in future and add them to your exclusive personal library.

Tweak At Its Peak

You can now tweak all those restricted contents and specific channels away from yours kids to access. The parental control tab on your Sky TV helps you to do this which would neither annoy the kids nor embarrass you in front of them.

Watch Ahead

The Sky TV helps you to watch the next episode of the series from your planner. You can actually see the onscreen prompt to watch the next episode.

Now TV is great for anyone who has Sky package on it. DTH services are becoming a necessity these days and so is the Sky TV. Of course there are so many benefits that is an added reason for its popularity.